Jonas Brothers Clear Up “Ring” Rumors


-The Jonas Brothers recently spoke with Popstar Magazine to clear up those rumors that Kevin was out ring shopping. Here’s what they had to say:

Kevin: No, not ring shopping.

Nick: Our mom wasn’t even there.

Kevin: If you look at the pictures, you can see there was no one in the store with us.

Joe: We were shopping in the mall and we were doing Christmas shopping and we love David Yurman, we all have like, David Yurman pieces and his brand new jewelry just came out so we’re like, “Oh, let’s go in there.” We were joking, we were saying, “Oh, one of us is going to be ring shopping,” and an hour later…

Nick: I think our Aunt, actually, it was so funny because she was in there with us and we were shopping for a couple people but just for fun, she looked at this ring and it had this HUGE ring…

Kevin: It was like this big! [Holds out fingers]

Joe: She held it up and there were all these fans in the window and Kevin’s behind her and I was like [opens mouths and puts hands on cheeks] ahhh!! Nooo!! It was so bad! Put it down!

Kevin: Whatever we did buy, we hid and went to the back room cause we didn’t want our secret gifts for our parents to get out, so.

Nick: There’s a couple [of rumors out there] that are pretty funny.

Kevin: Yeah, there’s always some…

Nick: I like that, that was my favorite one.

Kevin: No, that our mom was there and…

Nick: I was like, “Kevin, thanks for telling me that you’re getting engaged! I was in the store with you!”

Kevin: My dad calls me, my dad actually called me, “Is there something I should know Kevin?” I’m like, “Dad, really? Like, come on!” So it was really funny.

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