Demi Lovato Would Rather Take Selena To Prom Than A Jonas Brother


-Demi Lovato shows off some of the latest prom fashions in the new issue of Seventeen Prom. She also does an interview…check out some excerpts below:

What do you wear on the red carpet to always make yourself feel really amazing?
I like to wear red, black and royal blue – really, any dark colors. They make me feel so sophisticated. When I go out, I want to feel classy but not sexy, because sometimes that makes me feel awkard…

Are your lives crazy with lots of parties and events?
Not at all. I mean it’s just crazy to realize that Selena and I have known each other almost our entire lives! I’ll meet other actors who are like, “Let’s go to a party,” but Selena and I would rather rent a horror movie and just eat pickles. That’s our ideal sleepover.

Which Jonas Brother would you ask to prom?
You know what? I’d take Selena – because if you go with your best friend, it’s more fun. I once went to homecoming with this guy, and it was so awkward – he wasn’t my boyfriend, and we just stood there all night! But with your friend, she can separate and dance with a guy, and then you can separate and dance with a guy too. And when there aren’t any cute guys to talk to, you’ve still got each other! I’ve learned, why go with a guy? Have fun with your girlfriends.