Taylor Swift Is Back At #1


-Taylor Swift has reclaimed the #1 spot on the album charts this week with “Fearless.” Congrats Taylor!!! Taylor also seems to love proms…she’s been to three! Read more about that HERE. Check out her most recent blog:

Back at number one? Seriously??


So I’m laying in bed, half asleep. I got my wisdom teeth taken out the day before yesterday, and I’m feeeeling it. Yeah. It’s forcing me to sit still for a few days, which I probably needed. Caitlin, Grant, and Paul (my band mates) are on their way over to keep me company. Yayyy.

I had my birthday party/end of the year party/Christmas party on the 13th.. My entire band and crew came out to the house and honestly, it was the best birthday I’ve ever had. Everyone was all dressed up and the house was decorated for Christmas and everyone was so happy. We played all these games, one where each person gets to pick a present from under the tree and you can choose to steal presents from other people. Then there was the ping pong competition, which was pretty hardcore. We had a fire pit outside and we made s’mores. It was a blast. Then almost everyone stayed really really late and jammed. We all had guitars and were singing together.. So much fun.

Then I got my wisdom teeth taken out, went into a never-ending sleep, and when I woke up— I was told about Fearless going BACK to number one on the all-genre albums chart! I can’t BELIEVE it! I never thought that would happen!! I can’t thank you enough for that. It’s just so amazing. You gave me something really wonderful to wake up to.