Demi & Selena Duet?


-According to, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez have recorded a duet together for “Princess Protection Program!” Can’t wait to hear it. Selena also loves Honor Society so be sure to watch our HS interview. Check out the story below:

EXCITING! Lindsay attended the Wizards of Waverly Place taping on Dec. 16: During the show Lucy Hale was sitting on the side of the stage, she was talking to David between all his takes. They also went to talk to somebody in the stands and she was walking with her arm connected around his.

After the show I talked to Selena Gomez about her album and she said it’s going REALLY well and they are hard at work. She just recorded a NEW song with Demi Lovato. [On video]. Selena isn’t sure about going on tour with Demi this summer, but she’s hoping to be able to perform the new song together.

AND they are working to get Demi and Selena to tour together. Selena also told me that Demi is in the studio working and writing for her second album. PS: Selena loves this new band called Honor Society. They opened for Demi at The Wiltern.

Thanks Oceanup! Are you excited for Demi & Selena’s duet?