Tigerbeat’s Jonas Brothers Piano Concert


Tigerbeat and Bop got the chance to spend some time with the Jonas Brothers in the Bahamas this past weekend. Check out Blog Girl’s post:

SO! While you all were enjoying your Saturday loungin’ around and chillin’ out with your BFF’s, IIIIII was in the Bahamas hanging out with The Jonas Brothers at the Atlantis Resort! Ahhhh!

The entire island had Jonas Fever – everywhere I looked, when I was walking around, I saw packs of young tweens and teens prowling with their eyes always on the lookout for the guys. What they DIDN’T know was that Nick, Kevin and Joe were staying at a secret off site location.

At one point we all went to get some food. The guys all basically had the same thing: shrimp and chicken skewers, salmon and veggies, Kevin and Joe had water and Nick had a sugar free red bull over ice. I even showed them an upcoming copy of our Jan/Feb Tiger Beat which has a pic of Elvis on the cover with the boys. They laughed and said, “It’s Elvis’ first cover!”

I got TONS of answers to juicy questions when I sat down with the boys – you’ll just have to keep tuning in to Blog Girl to find out all the brand spankin’ new Jonas secrets we’ve got up our sleeves! Bye for now!

Blog Girl

Check out a video of the boys playing the piano as well as a photoshoot pic from Tigerbeat.