Popstar Vacations With the Jonas Brothers


Popstar! Editor, Dory, got to do what most teen girls would sell their entire wardrobe for: vacation with the Jonas Brothers in the Bahamas! Read about her trip below:

OMG!!!!!!! I just had the most ah-mazing weekend ever!! I went on vacation with the Jonas Brothers!!!!

Popstar! traveled to the Bahamas and stayed at the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island!

Saturday was, like, the best day ever! I toured the entire resort (so gorge!!) and took tons of pix! I was thrilled to be wearing a dress and flip flops since I was wearing boots and a wool coat 24 hours earlier in NYC!

The whole resort was playing JONAS BROTHERS music the entire weekend! In between JB’s albums they were also playing Christmas music, which I thought was so surreal since I have never spent the holidays in a warm climate!! It was awesome, though!

Around 11:45am, I was taken to the Presidential Suite at The Cove Atlantis. The boys came in a few minutes later and they all gave me hugs! I also shook hands with Mr. and Mrs. Jonas and said “hi” to their assistant Felicia! I had already met everyone this summer when I went to see the boys on their Burning Up Tour!

There was a huge spread of food on one of the balcony so Kevin told me to help myself! We all ate salad, shrimp, chicken and salmon! Nick had a sugar free Red Bull, Joe had water and Kevin had San Pellegrino water (I had water like Joe in case you’re wondering lol).

After lunch, the boys all ventured towards the hugeeee balcony off one of the bedrooms! And I followed!

There was also a piano on the balcony!! Nick immediately sat down and started playing!

You HAVE To watch this vid!! You’ll see the guys playing piano, answering some questions about the resort, filming thank you’s, and waving to the screaming fans below!! At the very end, you’ll see a few seconds of the crowd that had formed in the lobby below the boys’ suite!

Sorry about the sound on the vid – it was sooo windy up there!!

It was great seeing the guys again, here we are!!

I had sooo much fun! Unfortch, I didn’t get a tan at all haha!

This is only the first of many videos and pix I have from the vacay!! All this week I’ll be posting more about my trip! Later that day, I was with the boys for 2 meet and greets, and have tons of videos from their SOLD OUT concert Saturday night!

Check out her pics below.