Tony Oller Blogs From Norway


-“As The Bell Rings” star Tony Oller is enjoying some snow…in Norway! Check out his latest blog.

Hey everybody,

Well you know how i got some snow in houston the other day? well i saw some more snow yesterday where i am right now… NORWAY!!! yep that,s right i am in the country norway! i,m here for a project and i,ll tell you more about it later on but right not jet lag has me seriously delirious.

i,m gettin some good video of the trip so far i,ll put up later. tonight i ran into a bunch of AS THE BELL RINGS fans if you can believe that. got some pics i,ll put up too when i can use the computer in our room not the one here in the business office that has all this crazy norwegian keyboard lol. love these norwegian people and the girls are so beautiful.

i got here yesterday and they have disney channel and ATBR season 1 airs here. i actually watched the Ladder Dudes episode on tv in norway last night.
how crazy is thaT

Speaking of ATBR there isn,t a new episode tonight in the u.s. right now it,s midnight on sun. night here in norway) at least i don,t think but there is one tonight but next sunday so please tune in and check it out. i,ll keep you posted!

hope everyone is having fun and getting ready for the holidays. pretty cool to see all the christmas decorations and snow in norway. they have these little elfs or gnomes everywhere that are a little freaky looking so i guess you have to get used to them but that would have scared the crud out of me when i was a kid not to mention a troll show they have on tv that is a little strange lol.

more later and takke for being my fan. i think that means thank you in norwegian this is a hard language to understand but i love it!

tony o.