Special Delivery for Brenda Song


-Check out the promo below for Brenda Song’s new Lifetime Original movie, “Special Delivery” co-starring Lisa Edelstein from “House.”

Here’s the synopsis: Maxine Carter is 35, and currently the best bonded courier working in the Pacific Rim. There’s no assignment she won’t do, because she doesn’t want to stop moving. If she does, she’ll remember that the husband and child she once went home to are now gone, killed in a terrible accident. But Maxine’s next case isn’t transporting evidence, irreplaceable jewels, or delicate corporate secrets, it’s delivering 15-year-old Alice Cantwell from her father in China to her mother in the U.S. — the result of a bitter, twisted custody battle.

Special Delivery airs on Lifetime Movie Network on December 21st @ 8PM ET/PT.