Jonas Brothers Had A Crazy Week


-The Jonas Brothers updated their myspace blog updating fans on the events of the past few weeks…and boy were they some crazy ones. Check out the blog below. They even address the rumor going around that Kevin is going to leave the group.

Hey everyone!

It has been longer than we wanted since we wrote another update blog. This was a VERY busy few weeks but it has been wonderful.

In the last 2 weeks we

Performed TONIGHT on the AMAs (American Music Awards) and THANKS TO YOU won our first AMA. This meant so much to us because it was voted on by the FANS. That means you made it happen. We could not be more thankful.

After the AMAs we had a special FREE concert for our fans at the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd in LA. IT WAS AMAZING!!!! The entire show was acoustic and we played some of our favorite songs. During the concert some of our friends joined us onstage. Some of the people included Dan Akroyd (from the original Blues Brothers), Demi Lovato (who sang an amazing version of John Mayer’s Daughters), Jordin Sparks (who sang No Air and a killer version of Superstition), Honor Society, Jesse McCartney (who sang his hit song Leavin’) and Frankie J (who sang When You Look Me In The Eyes IN SPANISH!). We were able to be the house band for all of our friends. It was amazing.

The next day we did the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He is always so great. We had decided to sing a new song at each event this week. It was fun to change it up a bit. We did SHELF.

The next day we were on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and sang BB Good and Video Girl. The crowd was amazing!

After the show we flew all night and did some press and rehearsals for the Dallas Cowboys Game for Thanksgiving.

On Thanksgiving we performed for the Dallas Cowboys Game with hundreds of people and a huge stage. They really made it amazing. We sang TONIGHT, LOVEBUG, and BURNIN’ UP with Big Rob. One of the highlights of our career so far.

Then we flew all night again to be in New York City for Good Morning America to discuss our new book, BURNING UP on tour with the Jonas Brothers. It is always good to be there.

We went from GMA to a book signing in NYC that was CRAZY. There were over 500 people there that had camped out on the streets for days (including missing Thanksgiving) to meet us. It will never cease to amaze us that people will camp out to see us. We really do have the best fans in the world. Then we had the night off.

On Saturday we flew to Las Vegas for 2 shows at the MGM Grand. It was so good to be back in front of our fans for shows. This is what brings us the most joy.

On Sunday we flew back to LA for a show at the Palladium. Once again we heard that people had camped out and missed Thanksgiving to see us. Can’t believe the commitment of our fans.

THIS WEDNESDAY was a special concert for the Nominations of the GRAMMY AWARDS. We knew that John Mayer was performing so we really wanted to go. We finished filming our TV show for the day and raced to the awards so that we wouldn’t miss the concert. When we arrived they rushed us to our seats then…

They announced the first award for Best New Artist. We completely freaked out when they announced that we were one of the nominees. We STILL can’t believe it. Our fans are amazing and have voted for us on a lot of different awards but this is voted on by people inside the music industry. We were completely shocked. Then LL COOL J came over to interview us. Not sure how we answered him because we were in shock about the nomination and then we were in shock that we were talking to LL COOL J. What a night! After the announcement we were moved to a press room. During the night we met so many people that we have admired including BB KING, SMOKEY ROBINSON, and finally we met JOHN MAYER. He was so great to us.

Our heads are still spinning since the announcement. We are fans of ALL the other artists that are nominated in our category. It really is an honor. The crew from our crew from our TV series even threw us a party the following day congratulating us on the nomination.

We are working hard every day on our new TV show JONAS and can’t wait for you to see it. But it was exciting to get back out there and be in front of our fans and friends again. We miss and love you so much.

Thanks for EVERYTHING!

Kevin, Joe and Nick

P.S. There is a rumor that one of us is leaving to group. Not true. We love what we are doing and hope to do it together for a long time.