Nick Jonas Is A Details Power Man


-Details Magazine has named their “Power 40.” Making the list are Justin Gaston (Parents Nightmare) at 37, Lil Wayne at 29, John Mayer at 11 and more. Coming in at #24 is Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. Here’s the excerpt:

Nick Jonas is learning the Timberlake Corollary: The squealing tween throngs may claim to love every boy-bander equally, but when the bandmates go their solo ways there’s room for only one in the fans’ hearts. So while the chaste sibling trio from Wyckoff, New Jersey, may be on a serious roll—their third album, A Little Bit Longer, sold 525,000 copies its first week (outdone in 2008 only by Coldplay and Weezy), their multi-million-dollar Live Nation deal will keep them ducking Underoos in hockey arenas through the end of 2009, and their flick Camp Rock gave the Disney Channel hope for a High School Musical-esque franchise—it’s Nick who will be standing long after the purity rings have been chucked. It’s no secret that Columbia originally signed Nick on his own—and the brothers-cum-backup band were added later. Just ask Disney’s robot overlords, who saw fit to link, in a sexually nonthreatening way, of course, the youngest Jonas with the House of Mouse’s prize stablemates Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. Or ask Elvis Costello, who called Nick “thoughtful and curious” in the introduction to a lengthy interview his acolyte conducted with him. If you were hoping that Nick Jonas would take a seat next to Hanson in child-star oblivion, we’ve got bad news: You’ll be buying your kids his merch for years.

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