Chelsea Staub Blogs From Argentina


-“JONAS” & “Minutemen” star Chelsea Staub is spending Thanksgiving in Argentina and she just updated her myspace with two new blogs! check them out below.

WOOO¡¡¡ – Day Uno


Argentina is amazing¡¡¡

Excuse some of the goofy punctuation…I;m using a spanish keyboard.

I started off the long trip by falling asleep on the shoulder of the hot Italian guy sitting next to me on the plane. His name was Luciano and we shared his neck pillow. He invited me dancing this week… hahaha… and was nice enough to help me fill out my custom forms.

I had a rush when I landed at noon and found myself alone at the airport. Somehow Carla and I ended up in different terminals…and poor Carla had been there since 10am to make sure that exact thing didn;t happen. She felt terrible¡

We fit in so much on our first day. Rode the subway, the bus, taxis… visited old antique flea markets… ate at little roadside cafes… and watched Tango in the streets¡ I saw La Casa Rosada (Pink House)…where Evita made her famous speech…and then went to Recoleta… where she was buried. Clari (from the DC Games) met up with us… along with her boyfriend Miguel. He;s amazing and showed us so many cool buildings and art. We must have walked 20 miles¡¡¡ There are carts of fresh flowers for sale everywhere and the people are beautiful.

I;m taking as many pictures as possible. I canñot wait to tell you more. Must go to sleep. At the point of hallucinations… getting up early to go to set with Carla.

Wish you were here¡¡¡

Te Amo…. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

WOOO¡¡¡ – Day Dos


Again… I;m using a spanish keyboard, so the punctuation is very different! Please forgive¡¡ And obviously I’m posting day one and two at the same time. I want to share my adventures with you, but have to do it when I can¡

Another amazing day. I woke up early to go to set with Carla. She and Miguel were doing a scene in a Cafe together… and I ended up doing a little cameo. It was very funny¡¡

I watched a few hours of Zapping Zone, which is Carla;s show and then we did some more sightseeing.

I absolutely love it here. It;s such an interesting place. It reminds me a bit of New York City… lot;s of cabs and buses.

I;m trying all kinds of new foods. Carla, her friend Sophia, and I just got back from dinner in Puerto Madeno. We ate a restaurant called Cabana las Lilas…and had the most amazing steak¡¡ We sat there for 3 hours… the restaurant is right on the water… and the water is filled with boats and little twinkle lights. So beautiful. We talked about so many things. The kids here are unbelievably intelligent… its eye opening. Oh… and the President of Mexico was at the restaurant with us¡¡¡ There was secret service everywhere¡¡¡¡¡ Carla was super excited.

Well, its 2am…time flies here… I;m sooo tired that falling asleep is not a problem¡¡¡

Te Amo….xoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox