Popstar Talks HS & JB


-Last night, the Jonas Brothers had a launch party for their book, and Popstar was on hand to get the gossip! They talked to the Jonas Brothers about the book, “Twilight” and new projects they’re working on, including Honor Society! Check out some snippets below as well as a funny video with Honor Society.

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Reporter: What do you think fans will be most surprised about?

Joe: I think it’s cool because for us when we were on the European tour with Avril Lavigne we were on the cell phone calling back telling stories about every picture we approved for the book.

Nick: Well, there was a time difference while we were on tour so we’d get off stage around 11 every night and –

Joe: And talk to our mom.

Nick: Yeah, and talk on the phone for two and a half to three hours and then go to bed and then wake up and do some more. She probably had up to 24 hours total of just us talking about things in the book. I think fans will be really surprised that it’s really us telling all these things. It’s not just some writer writing from articles that they’ve read. It’s really us saying every individual story from the Texas State Fair to even just what it’s like having breakfast everyday.

Reporter: Taylor Swift did great, were you excited for her?

Nick: Very excited.

Kevin: She performed really well – it was great! And then we were even more – we were super happy about our free concert after the show at the House of Blues. We played a free concert last night and we were just totally pumped about doing that for our fans and we just played. A bunch of our friends came – Jordin came, Jesse McCartney came, Dan Aykroyd played a song with us, Demi – it was awesome!

Nick: We played for about two and a half hours.

Kevin: It was totally stripped down, acoustic.

Joe: Yeah, the longest we’ve ever played.

Kevin: We played mostly covers. It was really, really cool.

Popstar!: What covers did you play?

Nick: A lot of John Mayer.

Joe: A lot of John Mayer. We did “Daughters” by John Mayer, we did –

Nick: “Gravity”

Joe: “Gravity” – we did some Tom Petty, Bob Marley, “Superstition”

Nick: With Jordin!

Kevin: That was awesome! Go to YouTube for a video of that – that was awesome!

Nick: A lot of the songs we played we had never played before in our lives so we were just calling up friends and being like “Hey, it’s a night of music, a lot of fun. We’ve never played this before, but let’s give it a try.” It worked out nicely!

Reporter: What do you guys hope to accomplish in the next year?

Nick: Also, we’re working with some new artists this year – HONOR SOCIETY are dear friends of ours. We’re co-producing and co-writing on their record, just signed them to kind of our label and we’ve got new artists and we’ll continue to write for our record next year and then like Joe said – working on a TV show for Disney and then a 3D movie in February.

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