Miley Would Love To Go Country


-While promoting her new film “Bolt” (which opens today), Miley Cyrus revealed to MTV that one of her biggest goals is to release a full-on country album, much like her daddy.

“I would love to,” she said of the prospect of releasing a record of country-music songs. “That’s something I would want to do.”

“I would love to work with Dolly [Parton]. If I would do anything, I would want to collaborate with her,” Cyrus said of the legendary country star who, as luck would have it, doubles as her godmother. “I would love to do something, at one point, if I get to go back to Nashville. I would love to work with her again ’cause she’s just fabulous. She’s always so done-up. I think that’d be fun to work with someone as legendary as she is.”

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