Jennifer Stone Comfortable As A Chicken


-Jennifer Stone recently talked to JustJaredJr about some of her favorite costumes from “Wizards of Waverly Place.”

Jennifer had this to say about her old west costume she wears in another future episode called “Family Game Night”: “[The reason Harper wore that was because] she had a test in History over that time period. I think it’s totally awesome that she dressed up for a test. I would not do that personally but more power to Harper. It was awesome. I’m a big corset person and I got to wear a corset and was super excited. I love period pieces, so I felt Keira Knightley-ish in my little period piece costume.”

Her second fave is the chicken costume: “That was the most comfortable costume. It was cold on set and I was prepared! [The costume] was so warm and so comfortable. I felt awesome in my chicken suit! I was super excited about it. The only thing was that I kept getting hair in my mouth – like everywhere I sat or if I hugged somebody, they looked like a chicken attacked them.”

Harper finds out the Russo’s secret this Sunday in a new episode of WOWP.