Aly & AJ Cover Incubus


-Aly & AJ had some fun singing karaoke at a floating bar while they were on vacation in Aruba. They sang some of Incubus’ song “Drive” as well as an old classic and one they’ve covered before, “Do You Believe In Magic.” Some of the people at the bar must not have known who they were…if you listen, you can hear people say, “Wow, they’re really good.”

-Aly & AJ also updated their main site with pics and AJ updated her blog. The girls dressed up as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen for Halloween. Check out everything at AJ’s blogs below.

Sup guys, sorry this is a lil late, but we hope everyone had an awesome Halloween! Aly and I dressed up as Mary-Kate and Ashley (see pics here) Haha. Classic. Carried around venti Starbucks cups all night, everyone figured it out. Weren’t making fun, dig those girls, just having a good time 🙂 Max Azria invited us to his place for a party, had a blast. We decided to hold a costume contest, so for those of you who submitted pics, we loved them! Sick, super creative. We ended up picking Megan Miller and her friend who dressed up as a washer and dryer, love the imagination and creativity, for sure something Aly and I would do. Second place went to Brandi Terrell as Chuckie. So scary!! Wow! Freaked out! Check out the winning costume pics above! Thanks for sending your pics in, you guys rock. Keep posting about funny or weird stuff that happened to you that night in the comments or on the message board!
Aly & AJ

Hey guys! A lot of you have been wondering why I wasn’t at the Twilight premiere with Aly. Just got back from Vail, CO. I was visiting my boyfriend Bennett there. He had a Hockey tournament. Stoked I was finally able to see him play. His team was super cool and so funny. All these dudes are major studs. Couldn’t imagine doing what they do. Shout out to all the guys on the team! Tigers rock 🙂 It was freezing there and the snow was beautiful. I actually felt like I had a real winter. Hope you guys the dig the pics I posted. Looking forward to going back to Colorado soon. Peace Xo AJ