Miley Would Love To Be On The Real World


-Miley Cyrus spoke with E! News on Monday night at the premiere of her new movie “Bolt.” When asked if she’d ever do a reality show, she responded: “I would want to be on a reality show like The Real World because I think that’s crazy,” said Cyrus. “Anyone who would do that has some serious guts.”

And when asked about the constant paparazzi, she said, “It’s like a free reality show, I just don’t get paid for it.”

But just like everyone else, Cyrus has her bad-hair days, and that’s when the paps become a problem. “They’re always there,” said Cyrus. “Sometimes I’m not looking my best. I look like a mess, and I’m like I don’t want my picture taken right now.”

“I get comments like, ‘She’s not looking her best today,’ and I’m like, ‘I know, I’m not trying to impress you!’ ”

Source: E! Online