Selena Clears Up Rumors


-Selena Gomez posted a blog on her Myspace to clear up some rumors that have been floating around the internet lately. Check it out below.

Hey Everyone– November 17th, 2008

There was recently a quote released about me saying that I don’t write songs about ex boyfriends, I may have been misunderstood and would like to clear that up. Most of my songs are about love, I am a 16 year old teenager and I sing about what is on every girls mind. Love. What I was implying was that the songs I sing about, the boys who have hurt me or that are no longer in my life don’t deserve a song to be written about them but, that’s impossible. Writing and singing is a gateway to sharing and getting out feelings. I hope that I have cleared up any confusion I may have caused to my fans! You guys rock and mean the world to me!

Take care and God bless,