Congrats Mrs. Jonas


Denise Jonas – 2008 iMOM Inspiration Award Winner

Denise Jonas is the mother of the Jonas Brothers – Kevin, Joe and Nick, and son number four – known as the bonus Jonas – Frankie. The Jonas Brothers have become wildly popular with tweens and young teens through their music. And while they really are talented, it is their character that attracted iMOM. Good character doesn’t just happen. It is consistently taught and modeled usually by a devoted mom.

The Jonas Brothers publicly point to Denise as the inspiration for why they do what they do, “We’re just normal guys,” says Nick, ” we’re not perfect… we’re just living every day as it comes and trying our best to make our mom proud.”

Denise is also responsible for keeping the boys from letting fame go to their heads, “At the end of the day, like when you get off stage of a really big show, mom’s going to make you clean your bunk, like it always comes back to that,” says Nick.

Denise Jonas is an inspiration to mothers to make relationships with their children a priority. To put aside the distractions of this busy world and take time to invest in your children’s character.

Denise and her husband, Kevin are a loving influence on their boys. And their boys are having a positive influence on millions of our teens by modeling a gracious manner even when personally attacked by MTV VMA (Video Music Awards) host Brandon Russell and most importantly by writing songs about marriage, modesty and a disdain for gossip and more. (To check out how these words may be inspiring your child for good click here to read iMOM’s favorites.)

As iMOM is now one year old, Denise Jonas will be the first recipient of the iMOM Inspiration Award. The award will be given annually to a mother who inspires other mothers to raise children who are healthy spiritually, mentally and physically.

We can’t think of a more worthy recipient than Denise Jonas. And you can tell from the words her boys sing, to the words they say, that they would agree. As Kevin says about the impact their mother has on their “on the go” lifestyle, “It’s so much more fun… ’cause we have our mom on the road.”

Click here to watch an interview of Denise and her husband, Kevin.