Taylor Swift Loves Quick Changes


-Taylor Swift added a new blog to her myspace. Check it out below.

I met Shania and it was AWESOME.


I want to say thank you to everyone who has gone out and bought Fearless this week! I can’t believe the numbers they’re telling me at the label about this week so far. I’m literally in shock that you’ve been so good to me. I just can’t believe it.

Last night was amazing. The CMA’s were so much fun! I got ready with Kellie. For some reason, we always end up wearing the same color to award shows. Last night, we both wore sparkly silver dresses. At the AMA’s last year, we both wore black. At the ACM’s one time, we both wore light pink. If anyone was thinking that we do this on purpose so we can be matching in our pictures, we don’t. It just happens. In other fashion news, my red carpet dress weighed about 400 pounds. Actually, about 30. But it was still heavy. It was like dragging around two small children, dangling from my ankles. And it made a lovely jangling noise whenever I walked. It was made out of huge jewels, platinum chips, and other metal-ish things that would fall off at random intervals throughout the night.. and my dad would reach down and pick each one up and say “Ebay.” Whenever people would ask me what it was made of, I’d just say I broke a mirror, dipped myself in glue, and rolled around in it. This dress took more effort than any big dress I’ve ever worn, and you know how I like big dresses. But it was well worth it, because it was my favorite dress I’ve ever worn, by some of my favorite designers. And I was lucky to get to wear it.

The performance was so much fun and I think I have a new hobby: Changing clothes onstage. I think quick-changes are a blast for some reason. Other than the fact that you have to wear two dresses for most of the performance.. But other than that, it’s wonderful. Then, Justin Gaston was kind enough to meet me in the middle of the stage for a nice stare-down at the end of the song. We wanted to recreate the video, and I’m so glad he was there. I made my band wear ruffles and tights and then pointed and laughed. Feel free to YouTube the performance and do the same.

While I was backstage before presenting the Best New Artist award, I talked to George Strait for a while. He’s so incredibly cool. So down-to-earth and funny. I think it should be known that George Strait has an awesome, dry, subtle sense of humor. Then I went back out into the crowd and watched the rest of the show. Keith Urban’s new song KILLS ME, it’s so good. And when Brad Paisley ran down into the front row and kissed Kimberley’s stomach (she’s pregnant) before accepting his award, Kellie, my mom, and I all started crying. That’s probably the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.

I thought Kellie NAILED her performance of the song we wrote together “The Best Days of Your Life”. I was so proud of her. I thought Darius Rucker’s performance RULED, and his vocals were incredible. I’m a huge fan. I love it when I find out that the people who make the music I love are wonderful people. I love Faith Hill and how she always makes everyone in the room feel special. I love Keith Urban, and how he told me he knows every word to “Love Story” (That made my night). I love Nicole Kidman, and her sweet, warm personality. I love how Kenny Chesney always has something hilarious or thoughtful to say. But the real moment that brought on this wave of gratitude was when Shania Twain HERSELF walked up and introduced herself to me. Shania Twain, as in.. The reason I wanted to do this in the first place. Shania Twain, as in.. the most impressive and independent and confident and successful female artist to ever hit country music. She walked up to me and said she wanted to meet me and tell me I was doing a great job. She was so beautiful, guys. She really IS that beautiful. All the while, I was completely star struck. After she walked away, I realized I didn’t have my camera. Then I cried.

You know, last night made me feel really great about being a country music fan in general. Country music is the place to find reality in music, and reality in the stars who make that music. There’s kindness and goodness and….honesty in the people I look up to, and knowing that makes me smile. I’m proud to sing country music, and that has never wavered. The reason for the being.. nights like last night.