Demi Lovato is EW Breakout Star


-Demi Lovato has been named one of Entertainment Weekly’s Breakout Stars. Other stars include David Cook, Robert Pattinson, Kat Dennings, Russell Brand, Chelsea Handler and more! The issue hits stands this week! Demi will also sing the National Anthem at the Cowboys football game on Thanksgiving Day. Also check out Demi’s latest blog below.

hey everybody!

just checking in on you guys. I’m on my lunch break at work right now (Sonny With A Chance) and i’ve been thinking about you all. i wanted to say something that’s been on my mind lately..

I’ve been talking to a few fans lately and i’ve been fortunate enough to maintain a friendship with them over myspace or emails and even though our lives are completely different, we still have one thing in common; having trouble dealing with the cruelty of others. or some people call it bullying. i’ve dealt with it before until i made the decision to homeschool but sometimes it seems as if it doesn’t just end in high-school. sometimes i get online and read blogs (which i probably shouldn’t if i can’t handle it) and read the horrible things that people say in comments… and it can really take a toll on you. verbal abuse can be just as harmful as physical abuse. the fans that i have stayed in touch tell me all the time that they’re either being harassed online or being beaten at school and it hurts me to hear that. i took the easy road out and decided to homeschool but unfortunately not everyone has that option. so as a message to everyone.. please keep in mind when you’re about to threaten someone, make fun of them or leave blog comments about them…. that what you say or do to others can truly affect someone. and as cheesy and lame as it may sound.. never forget the golden rule.

and by the way. i wanted to say how thankful i am for you all.
I’m so honored to be in the position that I’m in.
you all have saved me.

on a brighter note:

i’ve been listening to some great music lately;
jon foreman *, jon mclaughlin *, dave barnes, conor oberst, the cab *, and phantom planet.

bought a ton of books:
on the second twilight book. also reading the scarlet letter and perks of being a wallflower (because i’ve always wanted to but never actually purchased the book)
although i was hesitant about reading the twilight series books because i figured it was just a new trend, but i’ve found that it is much more than a series and i couldn’t put the books down. literally, you have to take it out of my hands before i will stop reading them.

anyway that’s all for now.
i hope what i said makes people think a little.
it’s only a cruel world if we make it cruel.


p.s. I’m singing the National Anthem at the Thanksgiving Day Cowboy’s game in TEXAS! 😀 MY HOME! i love my cowboy’s.. i’m so excited! be sure to watch it!!!