Zac & Vanessa @ US Weekly Hot Hollywood


-Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens posed on the carpet at the US Weekly Hot Hollywood Party last night. Zac Efron is honored by US Weekly as the Star of the Year. That issue of US Weekly is on newsstands now. Pics below. Also below, check out a short interview Zac did with JustJared.

JJ: What was your favorite prop from HSM3?

ZE: My favorite prop on set was a basketball. But my favorite one that I kept was Troy’s ring, his class ring.

JJ: You didn’t steal anything else from the set?

ZE: I tried! But the wardrobe is very strict, they keep tabs on everything.

JJ: When you go online, what are the top three websites that you go online at?

ZE: Just Jared! Of course man, the only one. I check my email. That’s about it.

JJ: What was the first beer you had on your birthday?

ZE: My first birthday beer? (pauses) Whatever what was on tap. I honestly don’t know. It was in a glass…

JJ: What was your favorite birthday gift?

ZE: Ashley [Tisdale] got me an Indo Board! It’s a balance training tool… it kind of helps you with surfing.

JJ: What are your Halloween plans?

ZE: No plans yet. I’ll probably be handing out candy. (laughs)