Aly & AJ Blog


-Besides adding lots of pictures and videos to their official website, Aly & AJ posted new blogs. Looks like the release date for Aly’s movie with Vanessa, “Bandslam,” will be July 31st. Read their blogs below.

Aly’s Blog


Hey guys!!!….its been awhile since I’ve last blogged solo…haha. I have been crazy busy in and out of the studio writing and recording. We are really taking our time and not rushing this new album. Thankfully we’ve been drinking lots of Pom juice and eating way too much halloween candy in between vocals so we are staying well balanced…lol. I recently saw a screening of Bandslam…and it looks great! I honestly walked out of the theater with a big smile on my face. I think ur gonna be stoked. The official release date has now been changed to July 31st.

Uhhh can I just be random and say how much do u loooove the kevin rudolph lil wayne song? Let it Rock!…..ahhh so genius. Ok just had to say that. Now where were we…?…oh, I know its FALL!! So happy that its finally here!! Now i can cozy up indoors and see scary movies and roast marshmallows and light pumpkin candles….. absolutely my favorite time of year. Hope u are all enjoying it as much as I am. Until the next solo blog xoxo aly

AJ’s Blog


Hi people! I know there’s been lots of anticipation lately but you guys are gonna flippin dig this new record. It won’t be out till next year, we really don’t know when, just know that we don’t wanna rush it.

Believe me it’ll be worth the wait 🙂 We’re writing so many songs, they’re basically coming out of our ears. Gonna be super picky over what should make the record & what shouldn’t. The geniuses we’ve been working with have been so inspiring & we’ve learned so much. Also been reading such good scripts lately! Lots of great movies are gonna start shooting early next year 🙂 Love the fall, in Cali it doesn’t really exist but crank up the AC & light the fireplace to fake some coziness haha Looking forward to visiting my boyfriend in Vail Colorado, going to see him kick some butt on the ice playing hockey. Miss him 🙁 Lots of love….holllllaaaa xoxo AJ