Catching Up With the Jonas Brothers


-The Jonas Brothers are in the October 13 issue of People Magazine. People talks to the boys as they enjoy time off from touring and give their music playlist. The article is below as well as the scan:

What’s it like to finally be home?
Kevin: We’re blown away we actually have time to hang out and do things. We’re trying to figure out what friends we can see.
Joe: I joined a gym, which is really exciting.
Nick: I’m enjoying spending time with my dog [Elvis]. He’s a golden retriever and 17 weeks old. I got him for my birthday from my family. And I’m getting my license next week. I have the wheels already: a ’68 Mustang GT, black with a white racing stripe.

What about the motorcycle you just got for your birthday, Joe?
Joe: I haven’t been driving it. I have to get my motocycle license. But once I get it, you’re going to see my motorcycle all over LA.

You just sang for Stevie Wonder.
Kevin: It was crazy. My dad was freaking out.
Nick: We were asked to sing “Happy Birthday” and be at his son’s birthday party.

Any other pinch-me moments?
Joe: Meeting Barack Obabam’s wife and kids.
Nick: Meeting Britney [Spears]. It’s been an amazing time in our lives.