Demi Lovato Wows the Texas State Fair


-Demi Lovato wowed the crowd at the Texas State Fair. Hundreds of screaming admirers, most of them girls, stood shoulder to shoulder on hot asphalt to witness the Demi Lovato phenomenon. No one complained that the venue had no seating.

When Demi finally appeared on stage, she pranced side to side and front to back, shaking her shoulder-length brown hair in the steamy air. She wore skintight jeans, a black T-shirt and black knee-high boots.

“It gets hot in Texas, but I like it,” Demi said, pausing to drink some bottled water and wipe the sweat off her face. “Dallas, Texas, is absolutely my favorite city to perform in.”

Several moms said they approved of their daughters’ obsession with the singer. They said her lyrics were clean and her image wholesome.

“She’s a good role model,” said Imelda Lopez, who brought her daughter and niece.

Once Demi began performing – besides singing, she also played the guitar and piano – any warnings went unheeded. Star-struck groupies pressed close to their idol.

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