Brand New Look


-If you haven’t noticed, Shine On Media just got a big makeover in honor of 3 years! Everything’s been redone and moved around to make it easier for you to find things. You can now comment on posts easier, click on categories to find all the posts for that person, etc. We are now accepting affiliates again and we still have more things coming. The “Lounge” section is currently being worked on, but that is where you’ll find the place to vote for all your favorites and more. Be sure to vote in the poll on your favorite Demi Lovato song down on the sidebar.

Hope you like the new look! Don’t hesitate to comment different posts with your opinions, etc or send us news, pics, videos, etc at For all your Firefox users, the site should finally work right in that browser!

**Note, if you direct linked any previous pages/interviews/content, be sure to update your links/bookmarks, as the pages have probably changed. If you saved as your main SO-M page, be sure to change it back to**