Selena Knows the Power of the Mouse


-Selena Gomez sees how big Disney can make people. MTV recently talked to Selena at the premiere of “Another Cinderella Story” (DVD in stores now). Here’s an excerpt from the article:

With a new movie out, her hit series “The Wizards of Waverly Place” entering its second season and an album in the works, Selena is looking like a key player in Disney’s pop-culture takeover.

“It’s crazy to see how big Disney can make people, and it’s wonderful,” Gomez said. “I feel blessed to be a part of the company, and they take care of their kids. I just think it has a good strong foundation to lean on.”

Gomez is rumored to be dating Nick Jonas, so of course we had to get her take on the big Russell Brand VMA flap over the teens’ purity rings. She kept things PC, though, and agreed with Nick’s earlier comment that “it’s cool to see that he recognizes we are gentlemen.”

“I love the answer of [them being gentlemen],” she said, “because it’s true.”

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