Jonas Brothers Set for World Tour


-The Jonas Brothers recently asked fans on their myspace to send in questions for them to answer. This morning they posted their responses to the first few questions, regarding dating and touring. Check out the responses below and be sure to leave them questions on their Myspace.

Hey everyone!

Thank you for all the questions. We were hoping to hear from a lot of our fans when we put out the blog inviting fans to ask us anything. We were not prepared for all of the responses. It is by far the biggest blog we have ever had. Now we are going to start answering some of the questions.

We have really enjoyed reading them. There seem to be 2 questions that are asked more than others. We thought we would start with those questions.

1. Dating
2. Touring


There are so many questions about our dating, who we date, etc. We will try to answer some of the questions about dating in one response.

Would you ever date a fan? OR Have you ever dated someone who is not famous?

The answer is YES. We have already dated fans or girls that are not celebrities. In fact, we really like to believe that the girl we will spend our lives with will be our biggest “fan.”

Are you dating OR have you dated BLANK (fill in the name)?

It is our rule to not talk about our personal lives, especially who we are dating. The same would be true if we were dating you.


When is your next tour?

Our next tour will be NEXT SUMMER. We are starting our TV show next week and will be busy with the show until then. We will be going out for special performances throughout the year. Hopefully we can make it to your area but we will not be out on an official tour until June or July.

The tour next year will be our first World Tour. We want to visit some of the areas where our music has done well, for example Latin and South America, Europe again, Asia, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

What made you pick Toronto for the start of the Burnin’ Up Tour?

There were 2 reasons for picking Toronto to start the Burnin’ Up tour. The first reason was that the US was celebrating July 4th and all the venues were too busy. The second (and most important reason) was that we wanted to do something for all of the fans in Canada who took our CD to Gold!

Keep checking in for more answers to your questions from our ASK US ANYTHING blog.


Kevin, Joe and Nick