Demi Lovato Set To Sing In Spanish


-Seventeen renditions of hit songs from the latest hit Disney Channel Original Movie, “Camp Rock,” have been recorded in local languages by recording artists around the world as part of Disney Channel’s mission to connect with kids and families locally and globally with great stories, characters and music that are relevant and entertaining. The music videos are debuting on 27 Disney Channels leading up to the movie’s launch in Europe and Asia this month. Included is a Spanish language version of the ballad “This is Me” by the movie’s 16-year-old star, Demi Lovato, set to debut on Disney Channel U.S. this fall.

Here’s a list of who will be singing what:

“Start the Party” by:
Spain’s Ismael

“This Is Me” by:
France’s Sheryne
Italy’s Ariel and Stefano Centomo
Denmark’s Sine and Allan Hyde
Norway’s Tomine Malmquist Harket and Bjorn Muri
Sweden’s Vendela Palmgren and What’s Up!
Poland’s Ewa Farna and Kuba Moleda
The Netherlands’ Nikki Kerkhof
Malaysias’ Suki
The Philippines’ Julianne and Miguel
Germany’s Isabella and F. Ambrosius (premieres in October)

“We Rock” by:
Germany’s Killerpilze
Taiwan’s Y2J

“Here I Am” by:
UK’s Brad Kavanagh

“2 Stars” by:
Mexico’s Carla Medina (airs on multiple Latin American Disney Channels)
Brazil’s Thays Gorga
Spain’s Ismael