Hanson Speaks About Jonas


-Ever wonder what Hanson thinks about the Jonas Brothers, considering everyone loves to compare them? Hanson recently spoke to Access Hollywood and had this to say about the brothers from Wyckoff:

“On the musical side, I think there’s very little similarity between us and the Jonas Brothers but I think they seem like really talented guys,” Taylor told Access Hollywood. “They care about each other.”

”[I] just really wish them a lot of luck,” Taylor continued. “I hope they can translate what they’ve done into a career — a long career — in a similar way that we’ve been able to for many years. It’s a great privilege to be able to have this be your career.”

“One clear thing the Jonas Brothers actually have going for them is they have written their own songs,” Taylor said. “I think what you see a lot of times, unfortunately people like Britney Spears or people that seem to go off the rails when they started out, it wasn’t really their deal.

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