-There have been rumors that the Jonas Brothers and Chris Brown will be collaborating. Well, JustJared sat down with Chris and discussed the project with him. Here’s what Chris had to say:

JJ: You’re recording something with the Jonas Brothers. Can you tell us something about that?

CB: I’m doing some stuff in the studio, writing for the Jonas Brothers and I think it’ll be a good look for us to do something together.

JJ: So you’re not on the record, just collaborating with them?

CB: If my record is leaked, like a lot of my records keep getting leaked recently, then you might hear me on the demo, but as far everything else is concerned, I’m possibly doing something with them. If they want me on the record, I’ll stay on the record, but I just wanted to write a record for those guys.

To read JJ’s full interview with Chris, go HERE. What do you think of the collaboration?