The Rellys!


-Hey everyone! Awesome news! Both the Jonas
Brothers and Demi Lovato have been nominated for 2008 Relly Awards.
If you aren’t familiar with the Rellys, they are “Live with Regis and
Kelly’s” annual parody of awards shows. Next week we’ll announce the
nominees in all categories, and our viewers will log onto
liveregisandkelly. com to vote for the winners.

The Jonas Brothers are nominated in the category of BEST FIRST-TIME
GUEST (aka “BEST VIRGIN”), and Demi is nominated for BEST JUNIOR

Viewers can vote on each category ONLY on the date that it’s announced, until midnight, PT. So since BEST JUNIOR ACHIEVER is announced on the Tuesday, Aug.
show, her fans can vote for her that day up until
midnight. BEST FIRST-TIME GUEST is announced on Weds., Aug. 27th, so the Jonas fans can vote for them that day only.