-The Jonas Brothers grace the cover of the new Billboard. Thanks to Perez Hilton, enjoy the cover and the sneak peek of the article:

On the new album:
– Catchy lead single “Burnin’ Up” is reminiscent of Maroon 5 and Justin Timberlake. It’s destined to be a crowd pleaser. It’s no coincidence that the upcoming tour takes its name from the track.
– The next single, “Love Bug,” is a complete departure for the band. Stripped down at the beginning—and featuring an interlude with the sound of Joe Jonas tap-dancing—it builds to a traditional, catchy pop ending.
– Scheduled third for release is “Shelf,” which has guitar-driven undertones much like early Weezer. Finally, there’s “A Little Bit Longer,” a ballad written by Nick Jonas out of fear and frustration when he was diagnosed three years ago with type 1 diabetes.

On song writing:
– “Pretty much we were writing all these songs when we were on tour, and we didn’t have time to go into a studio and record,” Joe Jonas says. “There’s a lot of time when you’re on the tour bus where there’s a lot of waiting around. We have like four hours in each day where we could really do something.”
– “When we’re writing together, we’re really open to each other’s ideas, which I think is really important when you’re writing songs,” Nick Jonas says. “No one can be closed-minded, because then nothing is going to work. For us, it’s really just one of our passions. It’s kind of our roots.”

On Jonas mania:
– Among Jonas merchandise, there is “even a shirt dedicated to the youngest brother, 7-year-old Frankie, the ‘Bonus Jonas.’” (Frankie has his own band. They do house and club music. No kidding.)
– “We have a slogan that we say every night: ‘Living the dream, baby, living the dream,’ ” Kevin Jonas Sr. says. “We gather together and shout it out, as a group, because they get to do what very few people could even imagine and dream. But at the same time, we prioritize that they have their own time. It has to be healthy.”
– (Case in point: All three Jonas brothers were the picture of earnest, professional politeness during their Billboard interviews. Half an hour later, while talking to their father, they sounded like typical loud teenage-boy maniacs in the background.)