The next HSM?


Can Camp Rock become the next High School Musical? There is a lot of hype around Disney’s latest Original movie, so much so that it’s being premiered 4 nights in a row!! Plus there’s a whole line of merchandise available at Target, including trading cards, dolls and bed sets. In response to the comparison to HSM, Alyson Stoner replied:

“People are expecting it to be the next `High School Musical.’ That would be an honor if it is,” says 14-year-old Alyson Stoner, who plays budding music producer Caitlyn Geller.

Co-Star Anna Maria Perez de Tagle from Hannah Montana even jokes about the differences in her characters. Her character on Hannah Montana is tone deaf and a horrible singer, but:

” I’m an actual singer!” she says emphatically.

“Being able to finally sing good on `Camp Rock’ is … ” she adds before dissolving into laughter during a recent interview at a Hollywood studio.

Read the rest of the article HERE and be on the look out for the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato on the cover of the new issue of TV Guide hitting stands Thursday.