Double Decker


The Jonas Brothers are taking Europe by storm. Check out their latest blog entry.

Hey everyone!

Today was our third show on our European tour with Avril! The day started in London and when we woke up we got to see our brand new bus for the first time. Getting up this morning wasn’t to hard. When we walked on the bus we were already excited because our bus is a cool blue color! When we walked on the bus we were on the first floor of the bus. I know what your thinking “first floor”? We know its crazy?! The buses here are double deckers (even the touring kind). The downstairs has an awesome lounge and full kitchen and of course…the driver! Then we walked upstairs and that’s where all the bunks are. The bunks are great and very comfortable. The only thing is that all of the plugs for your cell phone and computers are all different. You need all different sorts of electric converters. The bus also has an awesome lounge upstairs where there is a game system and a TV and lots and lots of DVD’s. But for all of us the coolest part is that there is a sitting area right above the driver with massage chairs and a giant glass window to look out while we drive! So cool.

We drove to Manchester! When we got there we did a bunch of stuff for radio today and it was very cool getting to be in a brand new city and know that they have been playing our song SOS. Then we headed to the venue where we had sound check and did some French TV liners. We have to say we got pretty good at our French accents but we need lots more practice.

The show was amazing and from the very start of it people were jumping up and down and going crazy. It was so cool to see people singing the words to songs that have never been released here in the UK. It was amazing. When we left there were tons of people outside by the gate and we made sure we said hello and took lots of pictures. Tomorrow’s going to be a great day as well. We can’t wait to play our first show in Burmingham!

Much love,

Joe, Nick, Kevin
Jonas Brothers

Check out some pics from a recent London Photocall below. (Credit: Grazi)