JB Blog – 2nd Day


-The Jonas Brothers updated their blog about their 2nd show. Check it out:

Hey everyone!

What’s up! We just finished our second show here in Scotland! It was a lot of fun! It was crazy. The crowd sang along, had signs, and danced!

It gets dark really late here. It’s 10ish and the sun is still out! I think its because we are so far north.

We went to a radio station today. It was so cool. Their accents rock. We want one.

They told us to try deep fried candy bars. We are going to go try some now…

Last night we set up a mini golf course on the stairway in our hotel. We had a major game of “hotel putt putt”

Big Rob even played!

We are still trying to readjust to the time difference. Hopefully tonight we are going to get some rest. Big Rob was listening to “house music” all night long and keeping us awake.

Tomorrow we play the Paul O’ Grady show in London.

We also see our double decker tour bus for the first time.

Tonight we meet some fans outside the theater. There were twice as many tonight as last night.

For those of you that are wondering… Yes, we did meet guys in Kilts!

We will keep you up dated!

Love you guys!!!

Kevin, Joe and Nick