Departure has finally landed in stores! Be sure to pick up Jesse McCartney’s latest album today! It’s in CDVU+ format and features bonus videos and pictures. Don’t forget Jesse will be cohosting TRL today and will also be at the Virgin Megastore in NYC!

-Also in stores today are DisneyMania6, Miley Cyrus Artist Karoake Series, and the Camp Rock Single (Exclusively at Target).

-Don’t forget the season finale of American Idol is tomorrow at 8pm EST on Fox. The Jonas Brothers will be performing “SOS” and Carrie Underwood will also be performing.

-Check out the new promo for the new “90210” here.

-Congrats to Taylor Swift for winning Top New Female Vocalist at this year’s ACM Awards last weekend. Check out her awesome performance of “You Should’ve Said No” below.

-Check back later for a preview of the videos and pics we took at Zootopia! Hopefully it will hold you over till we get everything uploaded. 🙂