No stress, no stress, no stress…


-Happy 21st birthday to Jesse McCartney!

-The Jonas Brothers’ official UK Myspace has launched. Be sure to add it HERE.

-Don’t forget the Idol Gives Back special is tonight!

-Thanks to, here’s the tracklisting and cover for Ryan Cabrera’s new CD, “The Moon Under Water,” out on May 13.
1. In Between Lights
2. Enemies
3. Say
4. Rise (The Dog Barks)
5. Sit Back, Relax
6. The Tango
7. How ‘Bout Tonight
8. I Shoulda’ Kissed You
9. Say You Will
10. Lie To Me
11. I Will Remember You

-Here’s a cool behind the scenes clip of the straight to DVD movie, “A Cinderella Story 2” starring Selena Gomez and Drew Seeley. Watch it here.

-Don’t forget to keep voting in the Popstar! Awards here.

Photo Credit: Rob Hoffman
-Here’s a cool interview the Jonas Brothers did on UK Radio. Listen now: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

-We’ve uploaded some new videos to our youtube from the last show on the Look Me in the Eyes Tour at the Izod Center as well as a few of one of our fave bands, Honor Society (who you can check out at
Crowd at the Izod Center
Rooney – Calling the World
Rooney – Are You Afraid (Clip)
Rooney – I’m Shakin
JB – Goodnight & Goodbye
JB – Don’t Take My Heart & Put It On a Shelf
JB – Still In Love With You
JB – So Far Away/A Little Bit Longer
JB – We Are the Champions
Honor Society – Kiss Me Like You Mean It
Honor Society – Unpredictable
Honor Society – The Takeover