You’re going to..CAMP ROCK!


-The special Sneak Peek of “Camp Rock” aired on the Disney Channel last night. You can watch the clip HERE. (Thanks for the vid)

-The Americal Idol, Idol Gives Back Special was filmed yesterday. Be sure to tune in Wednesday to see all the stars and performances by the likes of Miley Cyrus and Carrie Underwood, plus recorded messages from stars like the Jonas Brothers asking you to donate.

-Check out a funny video of the Jonas Brothers in Europe “Sumo Wrestling” HERE.

-Be sure to keep voting in the Popstar Awards at

-Here’s a cool pic from the Jonas Brothers reality show, “Living the Dream” thanks to Popstar!

-Popstar! also recently posted a cool video of “Hannah Montana” & “Camp Rock” star Anna Maria Perez de Tagel singing at a private party recently. Check it out here.

-Selena Gomez now has an official youtube. Be sure to subscribe to it! Check it out HERE.