Driftwood Giveaway!


SHINE ON MEDIA IS GIVING AWAY 5 COPIES OF THE NEW MOVIE “DRIFTWOOD” starring Raviv Ullman from “Phil of the Future” & Talan Torriero from “Laguna Beach.” (Please not subject material may not be suitable for young children.)

All you have to do is send your full name & address to shineonmedia@gmail.com. Please put DRIFTWOOD Contest in the subject. We will randomly choose 5 winners and you will be mailed a free copy of the movie. The movie releases on DVD on Tuesday, Nov. 13!!

Contest ends on Weds, Nov. 7!

THE WAIT IS OVER! DRIFTWOOD WILL BE RELEASED ON DVD NOVEMBER 13TH! CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY OF DRIFTWOOD NOW… …AND BE THE FIRST TO SEETIM SULLIVAN’S MUCH ANTICIPATED FOLLOW-UP TO 2001 MANIACS STARRING RAVIV ULLMAN, DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE AND TALAN TORRIERO. SPREAD THE WORD AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS- DRIFTWOOD IS FINALLY HERE! Ricky (Raviv) Ullman has got quite a future ahead of him, if his performance in Driftwood is any indication. And if he went into this project with hopes of shedding his Disney image, he accomplished that in spades. There are a myriad of emotions David goes through in the course of this tale, and Ullman portrays each and every one of them so convincingly that you feel those emotions right along with him. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE FULL REVIEW FROM FANGIRL As the evil Captain Doug Kennedy, Diamond Dallas Page treads the line between a menacing prison warden and over-the-top, straight-up bad guy with the precision of a tightrope walker. Kennedy is the testosterone drunk high school football coach driven mad with power. He believes his own hype 100 percent, and he’ll make the kids buy into it to, even if he has to make them bleed to get them there. Page delivers. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE FULL REVIEW FROM DREAD CENTRAL In his first film, Talan Torriero delivers a surprisingly solid performance as an upper-classman at Driftwood, one of Kennedy’s lackeys. Talan shines at the climax of the film and truly adds to the intensity and suspense of these scenes. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE FULL REVIEW FROM DEADPIT.COM Fans of Tim Sullivan’s 2001 MANIACS are apt for a severe case of shell shock when they sit down to view DRIFTWOOD. Gone are the sly sexual innuendos, the free-for-all madness, the musical interludes and the grisly gore effects. In its place, Sullivan delivers a harsh dissertation on abusive authority and senseless violence. DRIFTWOOD has more in common with the dramatic works of Stephen King than it does with the bloody excesses of most modern day horror films. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE FULL REVIEW FROM BLOODY DISGUSTING Sullivan uses the boot camp setting, with its inherent cruelty and violence, to build incredible tension and suspense. It’s a ghost story, of course, but it’s clear there are a lot more horrifying things going on in Driftwood than a haunting. It’s the idea of kids being thrown away by their parents, the idea of a man like Kennedy who’s so lost in his obviously unreconciled past that he takes his anger out on innocent children with tragic results. What’s terrifying about “Driftwood” is the realization that while ghosts don’t exist in the real world, camps like Driftwood, thrown-away kids like David, and human monsters like Captain Kennedy really do. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE FULL REVIEW FROM ICONS OF FRIGHT