Happy June!


-Happy June everyone!

-Don’t miss the world premiere of the video for “What Time Is It?” from High School Musical 2 next Saturday, June 9 at 7:55pm EST/6:55pm Central!

-The Jonas Brothers, Everlife and T-Squad put on a huge show in Valencia at Magic Mountain Saturday! From what I hear, the crowd and the show was amazing. The boys posted a blog about it which you can read here and see some pics from over at tommy2.net.

-Want a chance to win tix to an Aly & AJ/Corbin Bleu/Drake Bell show of your choice? Check out our friends at Corbin Bleu Fans for details.

-Learn how you can be the “Prom Queen” at an upcoming Jonas Brothers show on their summer tour. Check out details here.

-Here’s the song listing for HSM 2 thanks again to CBF.
This jubilant anthem comes at the top of the movie as the last minutes of the school year clock finally tick down to summertime. Not even Mrs. Darbus can tame the excited Wildcats as they break into song, jump out of their seats and pour out of the classroom, “roller coasting” down the hallway and through the school in an exhilarating song and dance that exclaims the pressure’s off and the party’s about to start. And to remind viewers of where the popular storytelling of the first movie left off, the horns and drum beat evoke a bit of “We’re All in this Together.”

Ensconced poolside at their family’s country club, Sharpay – with back-up from her loyal brother Ryan and a trio of snobby friends known as the Sharpettes — expresses her needs for something “more” in this comedic Broadway style tune. The song showcases Sharpay’s “me, me, me” personality with a flamboyant and funny tune that captures Sharpay’s materialistic and self-absorbed ways with lyrics that include, “Iced tea imported from England, Lifeguards imported from Spain, Towels imported from Turkey, and turkey imported from Maine.”

In this funky, percussion-driven dance number, the Wildcat gang hassles Troy for getting them jobs where they have to wait on Sharpay and take orders from bossy Mr. Fulton. It’s up to Troy to convince them that if they work hard, they can still save the summer.

A mid-tempo love ballad with an R&B and rock influence which expressive lyrics tell the story of how music brought Troy and Gabriella together. The song also confirms their true feelings for each other. In the storyline, the song is written by Kelsi for Troy and Gabriella and includes their Wildcat friends in the first and last verse. In the DVD release of “High School Musical 2” (due in December), Sharpay takes this song and makes it all her own, somehow manipulating Troy into singing with her.

In this campy, Polynesian fantasy tune, Sharpay’s ambitions are laid bare. In song and spoken word, she shows Troy the big colorful number that’s sure to win his everlasting affections and the Star Dazzle Award at the Midsummer Night’s Talent Show. With layered harmonies from Ryan and a hip hop ode to Mighty Mount Fufu, Sharpay is the Pineapple Princess looking for her Fresh Fish Prince in this comedic tour de force.

A song that blends elements of swing, jitterbug, hip hop and rap as Ryan, Chad and the Wildcats engage in a battle of wits on the baseball diamond, displaying both athletic and dancers’ grace to make their point.

A pop ballad that marks Gabriella’s turning point, one where she accepts that the summer plans she and Troy made won’t be working out. It is sung solo by Gabriella until Troy joins her for the bridge of this break-up song.

8. “BET ON IT”
In this pulsating urban-pop song, Troy delivers a powerful rock and roll vent when he finally realizes what he’s lost and that it’s up to him to make things right again.

An uplifting pop power ballad. Troy and Gabriella share the romantic verses where they vow to seize the day. The rest of their friends join for the final chorus, pledging to celebrate everyday together.

A sunny hip hop anthem, one blended with a twangy, surf guitar salute to beach blanket bingo.