Ladies Choice…


-Keep voting for the Jonas Brothers on AOL Music Breakers here and don’t forget their video for “Hold On” premieres this Friday night!

-If you missed Zac & the cast of Hairspray on Oprah this morning, check out the video here and don’t forget to download “Ladies Choice” on iTunes.

-Ashley added a new video to her youtube today here. Check it out to see what she’s up to!

-Added some new pics of Ashley on CW11 News and in NYC and of Monique in NYC and at Disney World.

-Various Photoshoots of Miley, Monique, Vanessa, Mitchel and Jesse.

-Added pics of Corbin on the set of “Deal With It,” Visiting Hairspray, on the CW11 News and in NYC.

-Added some pics of Vanessa & Zac on the set of “Say OK.”

-And added HQ pics from the set of “Hold On.” Some are new and others are just better versions.