Old pics


-Tommy2.net posted some cool info about the upcoming Hannah Montana 2/Miley Cyrus CD. Head over to tommy2.net for the track listing, etc.

-Keep voting for the Jonas Brothers on AOL Music Breakers here and don’t forget their video for “Hold On” premieres this Friday night!

-Don’t forget to tune into American Idol tonight to see who makes the finale.

-Pick up Zac Efron’s song, Ladies Choice, on iTunes today, click here.

-Linkin Park’s long awaited CD, Minutes to Midnight, hit stores yesterday.

-Check out Ashley Tisdsale’s newest video on her youtube here. She got to meet her idol!

-Check out some cool interviews with T-Squad, Jonas Bros, Everlife and Vanessa Hudgens on Teenmag.com here. Also an interview with Zac & Vanessa about HSM2 here, and with the Jonas Bros about their Baby Bottle Pop partnership and more here.

-Added the HQ cover of the HSM: The Concert tour DVD which is available June 26.

-Added a few more HSM2 Promos and some pics from the Kids of the Future Video set thanks to teenmag.com.

-Last week I added some more photoshoot pics of the Jonas Brothers(Thanks Popstar! & JB Fanclub)

-Added some more old photoshoot pics of the Jonas Bros.

-Added some pics of McFly from a recent London Concert and their DVD Signing on Monday.

-Added some old Jesse pics from 2003, 2004 and 2006.