-Awesome pics from HSM 2 thanks to People Magazine. Check those out here

-The sequel to Johnny Tsunami, Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board” premieres this month and be sure to stay tuned Friday for the premiere of the Jonas Brothers’ new video for “Hold On,” which is featured in the movie!

-Big Jonas Brothers news…They will be filming a pilot for Disney Channel in early June which will feature all 4 Jonas Brothers, as well as a guest appearance on Hannah Montana in May. When air dates become available, I’ll let you know. Their show on June 17th for Kids Day will be the Kick off of their new tour!

-You can check out a few lyrics of one of Aly & Aj’s new song on their Official Website here and the girls recently posted a new blog on their myspace.

-Check out Mandy Moore’s new video for “Extraordinary” here.

-Check out Musiqtone’s new video countdown here! Vote for your fave videos and see how high they rank!

-Added pics and vids from Bamboozle:
Phil Bensen
Ronnie Day
Jonas Brothers