-This Saturday, starting at 1pm EST is a Punk’d Marathon featuring new episodes. The preview showed Zac Efron & Ashley Tisdale, so they’re either being punk’d or punking somebody. Not sure the exact time their episode airs, so be sure to tune in. If anyone knows the exact time, please let us know!!

-Kelly Clarkson has been added to the lineup for the American Idol Special, “Idol Gives Back.”

-Save OTH or any of your other fave shows on this list. Go here to vote!

-Zoe Myers is back in Georgia now doing rehearsals for the upcoming movie “Dance of the Dead.” Check it out on IMDB.com here. She has also made a live video account so you can stay up-to-date with her happenings while she films, etc. Check that out here.

-Corbin Bleu’s CD will be a CD/DVD combo and the new Jonas Brothers CD will be released as a CD and CD/DVD combo. (Credit: tommy2.net)

-The RW vs. RR Challenge: The Inferno 3 starts April 10 at 10 pm EST and once again, it’s the Bad Asses vs. the Good Guys. For all the details check out the MTV site.

-If you missed the first episode of Hilary Duff’s TV Show, “This is Now,” head over to MTV.com now and catch the full episode. Then keep tuning in Monday nights at 9:30 pm EST to watch the show!