Hannah, Cody and Joe!!


-Don’t forget to preorder T-Squad’s album!!

-Don’t forget to keep voting for the Kid’s Choice Awards!!

-We will be doing an e-mail interview with Cody Linley, from Hoot and Hannah Montana!! We want your questions. Send them in to shineonmedia@gmail.com. Please put cody’s name in the subject and refrain from any personal questions like who are you dating. Deadline for questions is Friday, March 23!!

-Vanessa’s video for “Say OK” debuted on Disney Channel tonight! Look for it on TRL on the 26th!!

-Check out the Baby Bottle Pop website for some awesome jonas brothers stuff!! And their website will be updated soon with exclusive JB interviews and vids. BBP Site and the BBP Invasion site.

-If you’re our friend on myspace…go vote in the special Joe Jonas poll here.