Check out KIWI!!!


-Hey all! Thanks so much for sending us your feedback about what artists you love right now on our myspace. we sent them to clear channel and they now have a new radio station called KIWI Radio that you can listen to online!!!! It’s very similar to Radio Disney so be sure to check it out!!!

Click the link below and scroll down to Cleveland, OH and then click on the WAKS station that says KIWI Radio!! Hope you all enjoy it!

-Don’t forget this friday is a night of premieres on Disney Channel hosted by the Jonas Brothers!! Catch new episodes of the Suite Life, Raven, Cory in the House and Hannah!!!

-The Jonas Brothers have added new shows in March!! Check their myspace for all the details.

-This Sunday is the Houston Livestock Rodeo Show featuring Hannah Montana and the Cheetah’s a sold out show and is expected to have 75,000 people there!! I’ll be there so I’ll try and get some good pics/vids.

-Our youtube was deleted and i’m working on getting the new one up. It’s here now, but there isn’t much on it yet.

-You could win an autographed guitar from Everlife!! Be sure to head over to for all the details. It ends March 4.