Great News…HSM Tour will be on DVD!!!!


-First, the Jonas Brothers posted some new pics and a blog about their trip to Germany!! Be sure to go to their MYSPACE to read all about it.

-I kinda figured it would happen with High School Musical being one of the biggest things of the year…According to one of Marc Blackwell’s latest video diaries with Lucas Grabeel from the HSM tour, the show will be put on DVD!!!! They filmed the show that the cast did in Houston at the Toyota Center. And trust me, it will def be a must have because the show is awesome. You can check that out HERE.

-Also, HSM won Best Movie/Musical at the 8th Annual Family TV Awards which took place at the end of November and I guess recently aired on TV. I don’t get to watch TV much so I don’t know when these things happen…haha. But our friends over at Ashley Tisdale Online have posted the video from the show HERE.