Grammy Noms…


-The Grammy nominations were announced today. To see the complete list of nominees, go here.

Edit: And I forgot…but happy bday to Aaron Carter…

-Fan Payton went to the Jesse McCartney concert on the 5th and she took tons of vids, etc. Check them out on her youtube and he even sang some of John Mayer’s “Waiting on the World to Change.” Jesse also just shot a video for “Just So You Know”, one of my faves, and he will be in a movie with Jim Carrey and Steve Carrell!!! It’s gonna be a big ’07 for Jesse!! (Thanks Payton for sharing the news with us!!)

-Don’t forget to keep watching Nick tonight and tomorrow starting at 7/6c for the rest of Drake Bell’s “Drake Takes Over Nick.” Drake also performed on Conan O’Brien last night, which I didn’t know until I was flipping channels late last night. Sorry for not posting that. Someone will prob put it on youtube soon. has just added a bunch of pics of Aly & AJ and the Jonas Brothers. Head over there to check them out. And be sure to check I think friday for a new interview.

-When I go to the HSM Concert on Dec. 16…would you all like more pics or vids?? If I can record vids, which songs would you like to see vids of the most?? I can record and take pics at the same time but it pauses the vid for a second when i take a pic…but i may do that.