Happy Belated Bday…


-So my internet is being whack and didn’t let me really sign on the past few days. So I missed wishing Monique Coleman a happy birthday yesterday…so HAPPY BELATED BDAY Monique!!!!!!!!!!!

-It’s Tuesday, don’t forget to catch Zoe Myers during Veronica Mars on Aerie Tuesdays.

-High School Musical is nominated for Big Breakout of ’06 for the VH1 Big in ’06 awards!! Be sure to go to vh1.com and VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!

-John Tucker Must Die, the Davinci Code, Accepted and more are now out on DVD!!

-1 week till the American Music Awards!!

-Even though Monique is no longer in the running, the show down between Emmet Smith and Mario Lopez on Dancing with the Stars is tonight, with the results show tomorrow.

-Sorry there isn’t much news today…computer is stupid so I can’t search for more cause it’s so slow…ugh. Well, happy tuesday!