Lucas and Monique!!!


-All those pics are still slowly uploading. 🙁

-The Jonas Brothers played the Knitting Factory last night!! I heard the show was awesome. Be sure to check with for pics from the show later on. The boys, as well as Phil Bensen and a LOT of other awesome bands, will be playing at Bamboozle today, so if you live in Cali, be sure to head over there. Bamboozle Website has posted Raul’s new interviews with both Monique Coleman and Lucas Grabeel. Be sure to give both a listen: Monique’s, Lucas’.

-Disney Motion has posted Aly & AJ’s video for “Greatest Time of Year,” which will be featured in The Santa Clause 3. Watch it here. (Thanks tommy2).

-For you 7th Heaven fans, don’t forget the show now airs on Sunday nights on the CW!

-Drake Bell’s new CD is set to drop on Dec. 5. It’s called “It’s Only Time” and the first single, “I Know” is set to be released Oct. 17.

-Jesse McCartney was in Milan, Italy on the 12th promoting “Right Where You Want Me.”